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Catherine A. Rothwell

Catherine A. Rothwell


CATHERINE A. ROTHWELL received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Holyoke College and her law degree from Vermont Law School. She has been providing legal advice to Taft-Hartley plan fiduciaries for more than 25 years. Cathy has significant experience in advising fiduciaries in the building and construction trades, and works closely with them in their negotiations with third-party service and investment providers. She has particular expertise in evaluating potential prohibited transactions, withdrawal liability issues, and developing money-follows-the-man agreements. Cathy has also secured several private letter rulings from the IRS approving unique benefit programs, including the first ruling approving a health reimbursement program (HRA) pre-funded through a multiemployer health trust. Cathy also represents several insurance industry clients, and a self-insured association health plan (MEWA).